Hello World!

I have finally gone ahead and done it.

A week after purchasing my first domain name, 2 months after fighting and learning web development, my own personal blog is here!

Until a couple on months ago, I was a just a software developer, with primary experience in back-end side of things, until this quarantine that I decided to pull up my socks and finally understand HTML and CSS, along with the meme of a language that is Javascript.

I have learnt a lot, from writing servers in Express to building proper websites with just base HTML and CSS, and becoming quite proficient at it. The whole process has really been a joy so far.

I decided to create a blog after catching up with the hype around JAMStack, and have finally built this site over a week of work.

It feels freaking awesome!

The one undeniable truth in front-end development is that you can really show off your work to the wide open world, while in the backend, it really needs a trained eye to identify and appreciate something really well implemented.

Well, I think I spent my time well here and I will continue on the jouney to learn more and more in this quarantine period and maybe update this blog with more learnings or maybe other things that I can write about.

Let’s see where it goes.